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Luxurious Pocket Stuff Organizer With Your Desired Laser Written Text



This product is designed to organize all the stuff or accessories in our pocket which we keep with us all the time. The beautifully crafted sections with tiny boundaries delicately separate our pocket stuff. After putting this tiny friend on the table, there will be no longer forgetting your pocket stuff whenever you leave your office or workplace. This dock station always helps you in providing your stuff back to you.
Following are the suggestion you can put on this dock station.
1:- Mobile with charging cable
2:- Wallet
3:- Earpods, Hands-Free, Earbuds, mp3 player
4:- Car Keys, Office keys, Home keys,
5:- Goggles, glasses, etc
6:- Your tasbeeh (Prayer Beads),
7:- Wrist Watch
8:- Pen or any pointing tool

This product has the following specification

Material: Sheesham Wood
Size:  W-210mm H-280mm
Thickness of Upper Piece: 7 mm
Thickness of Base Piece: 16 mm
Customization:  We can provide the dock station with your desired name or text  written via laser beam.

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Pocket Stuff Organizer

Customize Name, Without Name

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