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OEDO Hair Growth Essence Moisturize and Repair Hair Root

(41 customer reviews)

(Ships From Overseas): 40-47 Days Of Delivery Time.

This essence cause the hair grow 2-3 times faster than the normal growing speed. This product has excellent  hair conditioning qualities. It repair hair follicles, reduce bifurcation, improve dry and frizzled hairs. As a result the hairs become more luster, moisturizing, supple and healthier.


Recommended for every 100ml shampoo, add 5ml of the product, even after mixing use, as far as possible within four months after opening.

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(Ships From Overseas): 40-47 Days Of Delivery Time.



Hair Care Essence Treatment Ingredients: Ginseng (PANAX GINSENG), extract of Polygonum multiflorum  (POLYGONUM MULTIFLORUM)extract, Platycladus orientalis (PLATYCLADUS ORIENTALIS) leaf extract , ginger (ZINGIBER OFFICINALE)extract, angelica (ANGELICA SINENSIS) extract, grape (VITIS VINIFERA) seed oil, tocopherol (vitamin E), butylene glycol.

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Hair & Scalp Treatment





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Morocco Herbal Hair Care Essence



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  1. E***a

    less shipping month. perfect item packaged. probe gift put store. пробывала more item no. to seller very))


  2. K***a

    transparent liquid appearance, напоминающая water, but if modicum grind on the hand, is clear oil is present for sure there))) with shampoo смешала after the first saw special not use effect, can, mix hair oil use continuously because


  3. E***a

    product is basically not bad. after several applications hair soft, here all good, minus essential but have, dry scalp


  4. Customer

    store sent it fast and fast, put the probe gift


  5. M***a

    delivery 24 day probe store sent gift emulsion) liquid very, transparent, similar to the smell tea (or do i seem) very class


  6. M***e

    Thanks dear store this order no has been recieved and is perfect .


  7. V***a

    store packed well, whole inside was флакончик, not out вытекала liquid in transit. box on a bar code, name, shelf life in english and use. by unscrewing крышечку, i понюхала oil, pleasant fragrance was and easy, then i обрадовал fact this very,-sharp dont like as odors. has bottle dispenser, it is convenient if use oil by pattern: shampoo 100 ml 5 ml. i used oil by manual, заметила effect and special. may it need to sufficient amount of time to see the effect. air conditioning have effect after, comb better softer and they.


  8. D***r

    this пользуюсь long oil add a few drops of each lip hair apply. me effect. can and spare yourself now bought as gift. обидно, commas boxes silent come. perfect was last. clear wine that mail, понадежнее packaging but better. box very even so cute and, любительниц such as a gift for is pieces)) small pot, расходуется but very slow.


  9. S***y

    balm come quickly, not as good as поняла.


  10. A***a

    заказываю second time, like effect is. hologram product box original.


  11. R***n

    everything is fine. haven’t tried it yet but I will soon and will update.


  12. A***v

    fine EVERYTHING far View than just Is free figment, free shipping By thanks Gift detail


  13. A***v

    Thanks for the quick delivery and present a probe. Detail and nice! Not tried, but think that quality.


  14. G***a

    A very good tool! Always use! Helps me a lot! Strengthens The hair roots, which warns them coming out! Free come emulsion hair. Try! Thank!


  15. M***o

    Not yet tried in, but the tube was very small, hope will at least sparingly consumed


  16. O***a

    It is a small 30 ml flask. I didn’t try it yet. The packaging looks nice.


  17. R***d

    Take the, add the shampoo and conditioner-the result is good.


  18. K***a

    Volume Of jar 30 ml. The package contains штриф code, shelf life, as well as the instructions for use. Composition of plant, natural: Grape Seed Oil, ginger, Butylene glycol, vitamin E and many others. Consistency means like waters, so there is grassy smell. Method of use: add a few drops of the shampoo. To achieve the desired result, store recommend use in 3 of the application. Composition is totally natural, so the negative effects on the hair you can not expect. I did not say that hair is less fall out, but their status in general is much improved: hair is easier to comb, look healthier. After opening jars with a recommended use it for 4 months. Packaging small enough, so you can take with you on trips✨


  19. G***m

    It ‘S very quickly, the store is done, thank you for the gift.


  20. P***n

    Balm came together with the probe. Box hesitated in transit, but it’s not a problem. Added in shampoo tool hair after a soft, silky. Effect, after the air conditioner. In order to confirm or refute the effect of hair growth, need experience. Thank you for the probe.


  21. C***a

    1 Aug sent the 30th came to a post office. Packed at the highest level, box sealed in mica. Small tube, essence, water, liquid. Has a faint citrus scent. Will test the hair, be sure to confirm a review) store put emulsion face, which is great)


  22. C***e

    didn’t use it yet, but looks ok so far smells like herbs a tiny little bottle arrived sealed and in perfect condition will update my feedback after I’ve used it up


  23. S***a

    Packaging is good, there are even скрейтч field with code goods for testing. Liquid like water, a little thick, grassy smell not sharp, slightly smell. Poured in bottle shampoo according to instructions. I washed hair 1 time-not yet see the result, my hair takes a long time to heal. Gift moisturizing emulsion face, but it is very cool! To clean after bath and scrub the skin I caused this emulsion and it very well moistened skin, smell rose. Now want her buy :))


  24. F***r

    very small bottle, but I kind of expected that. We’ll see of it does what it claims to do.


  25. H***e

    Product received quickly fine boxed I recommend store serious I’ll the tested then give my opinion after


  26. A***k

    Shipping six weeks to Mo, effect is too early, used three times. Box a little wrinkled


  27. V***h

    Serum come in original box, which was sealed in the film. The box all information on the composition and use method specified in English and Chinese language. Also in the box are all signs of factory production, hologram. Capacity 30 ml. Compact such bottle. It can even take a vacation or business trip. Does not occupy much space. Method of use: 5 ml serum Add 100 ml shampoo. AND you can immediately when wash hair a few drops on serving shampoo mix in hand. Stored for 4 months after opening the package. The consistency of serum oily. Do Not spread drop. Transparent. Has a nice herbal aroma. Hair after use become more soft, docile, and that the most important thing for me is easier to comb, as I have long hair. As an extra care a great thing! Shipping in Belarus took about three weeks.


  28. E***a

    they only cover the scales and make hair smooth; hair really shine; became more smooth and docile; hair grow faster and less fall out, but it’s helpful vitamins. Vitamins i started to drink to use serum and therefore know exactly what they have helped me.


  29. K***a

    Essence very like, hair after her comb better, less confused. The feelings, hair is thicker. 5 ml-this one teaspoon. Use should be 5 ml to 100 ml shampoo. I poured in 4 shampoo and still left half a bottle. Cost-Effective remedy. AND useful. Much has been written about benefits of ginseng. It contained the essence. Will continue to use.


  30. Y***a

    Agent buy a second time, add in shampoo based 5 ml to 100 ml shampoo use every day, hair in mind are much better, bulkier, noticed that began to fall short.


  31. R***A

    Todo OK, second time I ask arrived todo well packed and fast


  32. M***r

    Thing came. Will try. It Was more than a month, not very quickly!


  33. L***s

    Just going to try the size is very small


  34. M***m

    Received all ok, already used once. Has no smell, added to shampoo as in instruction. Will see the results later.


  35. L***a

    Order came quickly. Packed carefully. Quality’s try. Gift store put the probe emulsion. Thank you


  36. V***a

    The Order was for a long time, for it and a star. box not wrinkled, means not leak!!! In fact, not tried.


  37. E***a

    OEDO became a favorite companies in уходовой cosmetics. I from the recent long dyed her hair and how many girls known hair began to fade and fall, in this post I want to raise about why this is happening and how to change the situation. miracle bottle of 30 ml arrive to you almost instantly. Box will be carefully packed, safe and sound. this essence based on natural ingredients helps return the hair smooth and healthy glow. Hair become docile and comb better. All of the text box on the English and Chinese languages. Consumption is very economical, essence is necessary to add the shampoo or conditioner, 100 ml shampoo/balm on 5 ml. I personally added in the shampoo and conditioner, that would be more effect.


  38. G***n

    Thank you very much. All delivered in excellent condition. Gift store put cream (PROBE).


  39. L***a

    Delivery fast. Normal packaging. Inside does not know. You should try.


  40. M***a

    got in good condition. thnakxx store.


  41. J***n

    shipping ok, don’t know about the quality of the product yet