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Puffy Eyes and Dark Circle Remover Eye Patches Serum (Lanbena)

(50 customer reviews)

(Ships From Overseas): 40-47 Days Of Delivery Time.

This mask deeply hydrates and moisturizes the skin, reduces dark circles and eye bags (puffy eyes) under the eyes, and repairs skin problems around the contours of the eyes through multiple active agents. There are 50 pieces of patches in the product that are dipped in the serum. The patches are made of Japanese microfiber cloth, this mask is thinner, more breathable and perfectly fits the contours of the eyes, giving it better absorption properties than ordinary eye masks.

  • How to Use:
  • After cleansing the face, take the eye mask with special tweezers and apply it to the skin
  • Keep it on the eyes for 15-20 minutes.
  • After 20 minutes rinse your face with water.

Special Instructions:
People who have dry skin, dark circles, eye bags and puffy eyes should use it 5-7 times a week; otherwise, it should generally be used 3-4 times a week as a part of your skin care regimen. (For optimal results, place in the refrigerator before use.)
1. For external use only. Avoid contact with the eyes and damaged skin.
1. In case of sensitive skin, please perform a skin allergy test on the inside of the arm before use.
3. Discontinue use if any allergies or discomfort occur.
1. Keep out of reach of children. Not suitable for children under the age of three.
Storage: Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

 1,650 (Free Delivery)

(Ships From Overseas): 40-47 Days Of Delivery Time.

  • Brand Name: LANBENA
  • Feature: Anti-Puffiness
  • Gender: Female
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: China
  • Certification: GZZZ
  • Certificate Number: 2018110614
  • Ingredient: Hyaluronic Acid,Retinol,Glycerol,Nicotinamide,VC
  • Item Type: Eye Serum
  • Effects: moisturizes the skin, reduces dark circles and bags under the eyes
  • Features: lifts and firms the skin around the contours of the eyes

Based on 50 reviews

5.0 overall

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  1. S***y

    Delivery took about 2 weeks.
    The box is packed in mica.
    The mask is wonderful, very well held on the face, perfectly moisturizes the skin and smoothes wrinkles ..
    I really like it, i recommend to buy.


  2. T***a

    I ordered patches with retinol, as i know that retinol has already proven its effectiveness in combating pigment spots, surface and deep wrinkles-it improves texture, tone and color of the skin, and also makes it more moisturized. Retinol exfoliates dead cells and stimulates the production of collagen, which improves the appearance of the skin. Personally, my skin feels great after the mask with retinol, and this mask also miraculously holds on the face, while perfectly moisturizes the skin and smoothes wrinkles.
    I really like it, i recommend to buy.


  3. A***h

    Beautiful packaging, very strange shaped patches, who knows if they work? Took a long time to arrive


  4. O***a

    Cool patches. Comfortable shape. Impregnation is enough, the effect is good. Whitens, refreshes the skin of the eyelids. I recommend to buy


  5. E***a

    The mask comes in a plastic transparent jar, in it 50 pcs, also the seller put a plastic tweezers. Tissue masks are in the solution and are very well impregnated. The mask perfectly holds on the face, while perfectly moisturizes the skin and smoothes wrinkles, removes swelling and brightens the skin. Excellent mask, well moisturizes the skin, removes puffiness and slightly brightens dark circles, but the effect is not long and the mask needs to be used constantly! The mask is very satisfied and i can safely recommend to buy!


  6. F***D

    i am delighted. Packed on conscience. In the air bag, so even the boxes were not wrinkled. Patches have not yet tried, then i will add on the result.


  7. e***a

    Patches class. During transportation mixed. Refreshing. Superimposed on the upper and lower eyelid. They’re doing great. Liquid a lot. There is a shelf life. Were sealed perfectly, nothing spilled


  8. N***r

    very quick delivery. only 12 days!! incredible 😉 well packed and nice 😉 havent tried yet but looks good


  9. A***a

    Honestly, i have not experienced it yet) but the appearance and smell of charm.


  10. I***h

    good product and conditions. bottle was packaged in bubble package. fast delivery. I checked ingredients, everything ok. the have hyaluronic acid and vitamin c.


  11. N***n

    I order for the second time, now my mother. Masks are very good and retinol and gilauronka. Allergies do not cause. The skin is very smooth and elastic immediately after application. It is clear that the effect is temporary, but perhaps with prolonged use something will delay. I recommend. Packed perfectly in a bag with air, nothing wrinkled and not damaged. Thank you very much to the seller.


  12. F***r

    it’s so good


  13. O***o

    i believe that these patches are better than hydrogel so how to cover not only the lower but also the upper eyelid. That is, the surface coverage is much larger


  14. S***h

    Sensation of freshness in the eyes! I love it!


  15. O***o

    Super excellent seller and shop, asked to replace patches with retinol, thanks for the excellent product and quality


  16. a***k

    Came good packed. Did not try yet


  17. G***i

    I needed a moisturizing effect, so i chose with hyaluronic.
    Packed securely, was sealed in mica. The package contains all the necessary information about the product in english. Shelf life up to 2021.
    Patches are in a transparent plastic box. In a set of 50 things.
    Under the lid was a transparent film-protection. Comes with a plastic tweezers.
    Patches are chic. And it’s not just words. First, they have the perfect shape. They do not need to be cut, twist-twist to fit well under the eyes. The patch consists of the upper and lower part, connected only on one side.
    Patches of soft fabric, have a pleasant gentle aroma. Now about the effect: patches well moisturize and nourish the skin around the eyes, saturating it with moisture and vitamins. They are ideal for fine skin and visually smooth the mesh of wrinkles. Swelling under the eyes became less pronounced, looked more fresh and rested.


  18. F***o

    With only two applicaioni GI I see a slight difference


  19. T***s

    Item as described, tried them last night eye area looked refreshed in the morning


  20. a***h

    Arrived in good protection. Tracked. I tried it, it feels good. I study the composition, prepare the post.


  21. I***a

    Corresponds to the photo and description, has not yet tried. Packed well in air bag, all intact


  22. R***e

    Packed very reliably!!! Everything came beautiful, not crumpled)) patches wet, pleasant smell i will try, i hope i like it! Thank you seller! I will add feedback after use!


  23. V***a

    Excellent patches, result and effect is very good! As part of the active component of retinol, so it is suitable for category 30 +, and for younger skin it is better to order with hyaluronic acid. Patches fabric, well impregnated composition. The result is excellent, the skin is more well-groomed, smooth. The effect lasts a few days. Patches perfectly moisturize, smooth and remove swelling, prevent the appearance of small facial wrinkles. I recommend ordering, the result is good.


  24. A***v

    Excellent hyaluronic acid EYE mask (50 pcs). Made from good quality 100% natural ingredients (hyaluronic acid, nicotinamide&vitamin C) and materials. Exp date till 2022. Great thanks and the Big Five Stars to this seller. No doubt and feel free to buy from this seller.


  25. A***o

    28.03-19.04 tomsk. Shore for the first time and as a gift. They put a mask on my nose as a gift


  26. Shopper

    The smell is falling! It smells clean and fresh! Once on the face, I have a feeling of freshness! The pot was well closed with protection and the patches are very wet


  27. A***h

    I liked the masks very much, after the first application the result was visible, mimic wrinkles really smoothed and the skin was lighter. But the effect does not last very long. In general, the effect is the same as from patches. If you glue the whole, after a while the eyes stop opening and begin to regret people with unsuccessful plastic) so i cut to 3! Parts and use only under the eyes and a piece on the forehead. There’s a mimic wrinkle from childhood, probably. She’s getting a little smaller, too. Photo before-after applied, but ali very much worsens the quality of the photo, so it is unlikely that something will be seen… Delivery slightly less than 3 weeks (moscow time). Rev overall recommend!


  28. L***a

    How much exact description of the cream i can write later, when i use it for a while. The order came quickly, well packed. The seller for this big “+”


  29. A***a

    Fast delivery, thank you! Items as described! Recommend!


  30. P***s

    The goods came, corresponds to the description. Thank you.


  31. D***h

    Very very fast delivery!!!! Recommended, thanks


  32. O***a

    Excellent patches, the effect is very good! The active component of retinol, so it is suitable for age 30 +, and for younger skin in the store there are patches with hyaluronic acid.
    Patches fabric, well impregnated composition. The result is excellent, the skin becomes more well-groomed, smooth. The effect lasts a few days, easy after applying concealer and tonal means, they lie flat. Patches also perfectly moisturize, smooth and remove swelling, prevent the appearance of fine wrinkles. Delivery 3 weeks. Excellent packaging. I recommend to buy., enough for a long time.


  33. o***a

    Already tried, the sensations are pleasant, the effect has not yet understood. thank you, i recommend


  34. L***r

    I like it very much, i order a third time.


  35. M***s

    Patches are good, moisturize.


  36. C***t

    Good patches. Swelling under the eyes removed


  37. L***e

    Package arrived quickly, packing soft. Seller recommend.


  38. Shopper

    I will treat and in the second order I will tell you what happened


  39. m***a

    More punch and more caja like sa.


  40. G***a

    Came very quickly in 12 days, packed well. not yet used. thanks to the seller


  41. B***i

    Hello. The goods came, good packaging, safe and sound.


  42. g***l

    Thank you good salesman who reached my hand in the urun time. I used the product immediately I was very tired my eyes mordu not believed 15 min later it took effect again I will give siparis great


  43. D***a

    Just arrived and already used, today was my first day of use, visible result in a the eyes to date, am eager to use the next day, the smell is just wonderful, come to make a new report. Bought more expensive, now it is cheaper!


  44. C***a

    Cool patches. Well moisturize and smooth fine wrinkles. There are many and they are big. You can cut in half. As a gift, they put a carbon mask for cleaning from black dots. I recommend!


  45. Shopper

    well sealed and well packaged, receive in two weeks


  46. A***o

    I just got the product, i don’t try it yet, but it looks good. As described by the seller, it does not arrive damaged or beaten. All excellent. I hope you do your job.


  47. I***c

    All ok, lightning delivery


  48. R***u

    Really very fast delivery and look everything good,after used writing more


  49. j***v

    Nice smell, pleasant texture, well absorbed


  50. O***a

    Fine! Fast delivery, packaging in perfect condition – you can give. Put gifts! Great product! Thank you so much.