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Skin Peeling off Magic Foot Mask (2 Pairs)

(46 customer reviews)

(Ships From Overseas): 40-47 Days Of Delivery Time.

The baby feet peeling foot mask is a new way to clean and make the feet very clean and delicate. After using mask about 3 to 5 days, old foot cutin of waste will gradually fall off. As everyone’s metabolism is different, so the falling off time is also different. please read more details in below description section.

For best results wear the socks for 45-95 minutes,It is very Important!. You can watch the following video to get an idea how this masks works.

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(Ships From Overseas): 40-47 Days Of Delivery Time.


User Manual- the correct instruction is very important, will influence the effect of foot mask.
1. wash and soak the feet with hot water, then dry your feet.
2. use the scissor to cut the seal of the foot mask package.
3. wear the foot mask, we recommended to wear a pair of normal socks outside to assure sufficient contact with essence.
4.remove the foot mask after 35-95 mins, then clean your feet.
5. Most people start to peel off skin after 48-hours use, but due to different skin type, someone may needs to use 2-3 pair, please use foot mask again 48 hours later.
6. do not use the mask if you have active cut or wounds.
7. we suggest you to soak the feet with hot water after 48-hours use.
Note: After using about 3 to 5 days, old foot cutin of waste will gradually fall off, 5-7 days in this process. Because everyone’s metabolism different, so the falling off time is also different.

Based on 46 reviews

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  1. M***a

    Have a sharp herbal smell.
    After use a couple of days the skin began to slightly clog. Just a little bit.
    I recommend to buy.


  2. Shopper

    Delivery a little more than a month. When i use, i will add a tip.


  3. R***a

    Delivery is very long. The goods came when the dispute was already open. The track was tracked until the transfer to the trunk company, and further information about the status of the order was not updated. The goods correspond to the declared quality. The seller in the package put a gift-cream, very nice. Thank you! Previously i already used such socks… i liked it, i will test these necessarily add a review.


  4. I***a

    The parcel came very quickly. Everything is neatly packed, nothing crumpled. As always, the seller put a gift. Great store and great products. Thank you seller!


  5. N***a

    Last spring i bought such socks in our store. The effect was as expected, the skin got off gradually and the legs became smooth. Before receiving this parcel just a couple of days used the socks of another seller, so these are waiting for their hour.


  6. T***a

    Not passed and half a year)) well, finally came my order) everything is well packed. As a gift put another bag)))) the seller was always in touch. Twice extended protection… I’ll try the tools and add feedback


  7. Y***a

    Excellent remedy. Fast delivery, reliable packaging. Shelf life is normal, the composition in english is.


  8. N***a

    Regeneration of new cells and exfoliation of old dead tissues occurs on the third day and ends about 4-5 days! The result will amaze you. The course can be repeated in a week!

    Excellent budget option, i recommend to buy for sale.


  9. A***a

    The mask is cool. I sat in it 30 min and walked with a brush on my legs. Legs became like a baby! Then lubricate the cream.


  10. V***t

    Shipping is free, took only 12 days to the new post office, track number tracked all the way.
    The package was securely packed in a mail box.
    Disposable socks mask, packed in foil bag, it is sealed. The volume is 40 ml. Shelf life up to 2021.
    Thanks to its composition, the mask helps to gently remove the old layer of skin, so that the legs will be gentle, soft and updated.
    Use the mask is very simple: on the cleansed skin of the feet put on socks and fix with velcro, keep 15-20 minutes according to the instructions, although the seller recommends to withstand the mask 60 minutes, then wash off the remnants of the product.
    Skin renewal begins on 3-4 days after the procedure and lasts for 3-5 weeks.
    I kept the mask for 30 minutes, during this time there were no unpleasant sensations. After removing the socks, the skin is even slightly moisturized, now i look forward to the result.


  11. E***a

    Opening the packaging feels a sharp herbal smell.
    Socks are soldered among themselves, it is necessary to resort to the help of scissors to separate them.
    Peeling occurs on 2-3 days.


  12. O***a

    I use not the first time, always a great result. The main component of ginseng.


  13. Shopper

    These are my favorite socks, beret is not the first time, perfectly exfoliates the skin, the heels become pink. Shipping month, track tracking completely, packing is good. Thank you!


  14. Y***a

    Socks are in a branded package, which contains information about the manufacturer, the composition of the product, as well as the way of application in english and chinese. Shelf life up to 2020.

    In its appearance, the socks for peeling look like cellophane bags, inside which there is a liquid, which will affect the skin and update the cells.

    Socks for peeling are designed for one procedure, that is, they are not subject to reuse.

    Socks are hermetically soldered with each other. You need to cut them, put them on clean feet and fix the stickers. Keep them 20-40 minutes. After the procedure, rinse the product with water.
    Mom did the procedure in the evening before bedtime. On the morning there was a feeling of tightness of the skin of the legs. Days after 2 the skin began to peel a little. Days after 4 operative skin begins to gently peel off. The whole process took about 10-12 days. Mom was satisfied with the result, so i recommend!


  15. A***a

    Socks are made of dense tissue paper.
    Inside there is a special solution that is designed to create miracles.
    In the solution there is an extract of ginseng root and lactic acid, which do their job.

    On the top of the socks there is a velcro that fixes them on the legs.
    On top of pedicure socks i advise you to wear also ordinary socks. This way you will feel comfortable and will be able to do your home affairs.
    Use socks seller recommends within 45-50 minutes for the best result, and it, by the way, will be already noticeable in a couple of weeks.

    After using allergic reactions did not appear. The skin, after a couple of days, began to gradually get off: first small pieces, then larger. All the update really took 2 weeks.

    The skin became smooth, tender.


  16. N***a

    I take the fourth time from this seller, everything is clear. This time, i’m a gift for some kind of probe, thank you. I ‘d like to know what to do with it. I use socks about once every three months. For 2-3 days, the skin is updated. I like the effect. Sensations before “lynching” only not very pleasant, when the skin begins to lag behind. You can tolerate the day and remove the film, and you can immediately process the pumice-and ready. Yes, and the oddly bitter smell of grass during application is not for tender.


  17. G***i

    Come in individual packaging.
    The package has all the necessary information about the products: composition, shelf life, certificate of authenticity, method of application in english and chinese.
    I like that there is instruction in the pictures. I, for example, thus better perceive information.
    Inside the package is a pair of polyethylene socks fastened together.
    Socks are loose enough, suitable for large feet.
    To keep socks, there is a special sticky layer.
    The smell of course is specific: it’s the aroma of herbs, and alcohol, and something else thermonuclear. Ingredients: glycolic acid, water, glycerin, sodium lactate, ginseng extract.
    Exfoliating effect is achieved thanks to the first component. The effect is achieved on 5-6 days.


  18. t***h

    Excellent socks. The calluses are done! Thank you.


  19. N***a

    Excellent exfoliating socks, which i order once again. The peeling procedure is painless, without unpleasant sensations and plucking. Tangible only a pronounced herbal fragrance from the liquid inside the socks.
    By the way, who has wounds or scratches on the feet, before their healing i recommend to refrain from using socks, because. Surely you will demand irritation, pain and inflammation of the wound. Well, in other cases, the effect really is: exfoliate all the keratinized layers, the corns become invisible, and the skin is updated, becoming tender as a baby.
    Fast delivery with fully traceable track number.
    In 1 pack a pair of socks for disposable use. They are made of waterproof material, saved among themselves, because inside each special solution cream peeling. It turns out a soft formula of acid peeling to soften calluses, remove old keratinized skin. The effect of use you will see after 4-5 days. The skin will peel and refresh.


  20. I***k

    After fixed socks, lie down and rest 15-20 min according to the instructions. I kept about 40 minutes. Then the mask should be removed and washed with warm water
    Immediately the effect is not any. The skin begins to get off after 2 days and lasts about 5 days.
    It is better to use not in the summer, not when we wear open shoes. The result should be in a week, the old skin on the legs should get off.


  21. a***a

    I used it so: steamed my legs, rubbed with a file, then put on peeling socks and on top ordinary. Walked about an hour and a half instead of the specified 20-30 minutes.

    At first disappointed, nothing crawled on either 3rd or 5th day, just there was a feeling of tightness of the skin.

    In my case, it just took more time, the skin began to depart for 6-7 days only.
    Decent pieces leave.
    Behind the skin of the legs as a whole i follow, so the thin skin leaves, the bag from it will not sew as in the picture))

    But i’m impressed, really works!

    Very long was both sending (because of chinese ng), and the shipping itself, more than a month was the order.


  22. T***a

    This is the second time i order from this seller. And last time, early left a review, when the effect is not yet over, left 4 stars. Now definitely 5, the effect is excellent, though the skin continued to clog for days 5, but in the end the result is smooth legs!


  23. v***a

    Thank you, mask received, i will try. Special thanks for the gift, only i do not know what it is, please write) seller recommend.


  24. K***u

    Delivery in very fast. I bought with a coupon from mobile bonuses.
    Read reviews-i’m afraid to use.


  25. S***a

    Very good mask for feet, i order a second time.


  26. z***s

    It came very quickly, plus a gift put, thank you


  27. E***a

    All right. come quickly. won for the coins. thank you.


  28. E***a

    Come without tracking. Color and size correspond to the description. Number one pair. Thank you


  29. Y***y

    Perfect remedy! Take constantly. Really works! I advise you.


  30. A***v

    Delivered quite quickly. Quality as always on top. Firm tested. Plus bonus-probe cream. Shop and seller definitely recommend!


  31. Z***U

    Excellent socks, as in the photo. Went to yekaterinburg for a month. Packed in a puffy bag and the seller put a probe for face cream. Respect. Socks are tried out, a pleasant smell of the mask itself, discomfort and irritation (even with my creepy allergy there) ‘is conveniently fixed on the legs with velcro. I’ll wait for the result. I recommend the seller and the goods))) all good day and good shopping!


  32. t***t

    I haven’t tried the case yet.


  33. a***a

    I bought for 104 rubles. Much nicer and more convenient than others. I recommend


  34. I***a

    Excellent seller, fast delivery, reliable packaging. Socks


  35. N***a

    Excellent peeling socks! No salon procedures are necessary, make the skin of the legs stunningly soft and well-groomed!


  36. L***i

    Excellent socks, i order not the first time, i recommend!


  37. S***a

    All super, for a gift thank you separately


  38. A***.

    The quality is excellent. Exfoliates very well.


  39. A***z

    Delivery less than three weeks) in the case has not yet tried


  40. O***a

    I did not communicate with the seller. Expected more effect, but as it was only from the fingers the skin was tear…


  41. I***y

    Long. And so everything is ok. Thank you for the gift.


  42. E***a



  43. S***a

    The mask really works, after a few days the skin began to exfoliate


  44. I***a

    Delivery more than a month. In action did not experience


  45. A***n

    I really like this kind of Mask, so i decided to experiment with different brands and choose for myself the most suitable. Today i will tell you about one of them.

    Mask relieves the legs from dead skin, while making the legs soft and smooth. Mask perfectly cares for the skin of the legs, so the skin remains moisturized for a long time.

    Mask came in a plastic bag. Package closed hermetically. In the package there are two socks that you need to cut and put on your feet for 45-60 minutes. After that, the mask should be removed from the feet and the remains of the mask washed with warm water. After applying the Mask on the legs it is better to apply a moisturizing cream to fix the result.


  46. Shopper

    Delivery was long. I haven’t used the case yet.