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Product No: 59252

Repairing Skin BIOAQUA Silk Hydra Essence



Product Details: 

BIOAQUA 24K SILK Gold Face Mask Skin Moisturizing Anti Wrinkle Collagen Hydra Essence removes dryness of your skin and moisturizes and nourishes deep layers of your skin. as a result skin looks fresh and healthy.

Product efficacy:

Hydrating , activating nourishing , moisturizing , repairing , shrink pores , oil-control, anti aging , anti wrinkle ,whitening. Add moisture to nourish the skin, smooth evenly moist and transparent to show beautiful skin.

Step 1:After cleaning the skin, and dry skin surface moisture
Step 2:Unscrew the lid, gently push the needle will push the right amount of product in the palm
Step 3:Gently massage until absorbed
Step 4:After using the skin tender, feel comfortable Package contents


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