Short description of the patient's condition

The patient (Syed Abrar) feels pain in the abdomen area, suffers from constipation from times to times and a lot of times feels pain in the back. He has lost weight from 78 Kg to 60 Kg from the last 2 months. He is also suffering from a decreased appetite. He has been taking heart pills from last 3 years. The angiography report is attached at the end. Dr. Sajid Ali Khan prescribed CT scan, Dexa scan, MRI scan to diagnose the disease; the prescription is also attached at the end.

Dr. Sajid Ali Khan Prescription -Recently

MRI Report

Prof. M.Ali Prescription

Thyroid Test

Stool Report

Blood Report

X-ray Report

Ultra-Sound Report

Prof. Ijaz Ahmad Prescription 2016

Angiography Report 2016